25 Years of Heart and Soul • Documentary
I was part of a group enlisted for a collaboration project to commemorate the last twenty-five years of the Georgia Dome. The hand-picked students from majors such as Graphic Design, Motion Design, and Film were commissioned to develop ideas to celebrate the Dome. In collaboration with the film team, my design team (Yasmierre Smith, Denzel Hollis, and James Huma) created a documentary for the client.
(Created at SCAD)
Director: Fiorella Ordonez Mora
Director of Animation Team: Tierra Farmer
Film and Video Team: Fiorella Ordonez Mora, Maya Teague, Bradley Brower
Animation Team: Tierra Farmer, James Huma, Yasmierre Smith, Denzel Hollis
Design Team: Jennifer Lanier, Vania Lin, Jessica Edelman, Morgan Mcintyre
Photography Team: JB Rasor, Luanne Demeo

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