Net Graphics • Lower Thirds 
Sports 2024 ​​​​​​​
I was given complete autonomy to animate sports promotions during the peak of the season. Drawing on my creativity in storytelling and compositing skills, I crafted dynamic, attention-grabbing graphics within tight deadlines.
Senior Motion Designer: Tierra Farmer
Clients: TNT Sports, NBA, NCAA, NHL, MLB

2024 NBA Play-In

2024 NBA Playoffs

2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

2024 The Match

2024 NCAA March Madness

2024 NCAA Final Four

Show Promos
As a member of the quad team at Net Graphics, I frequently found myself repurposing billboard key art, redesigning it, and animating it for lower thirds.
Art Director: Carlos Prieto
Designer/Animator: Tierra Farmer
Clients: TBS, TNT

Black Adam • Movie Promo

Snowpiercer • Final Season

Claws • Final Season

Million Dollar Wheels • First Season Launch

The Cube • Season 2 Launch

Chad • First Season Launch

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