Window to the World • Rebranding
My goal for rebranding PBS was to draw in a new audience by revamping the program distributor. I aimed to do this while not isolating the program distributor's loyal viewers.
With much research, this was achieved by using a similar color pallet that previous audiences were familiar with and creating an unforgettable slogan that could be incorporated into the visuals.
(Designed at SCAD)
Researcher: Tierra Farmer
Project Manager: Professor Pat Smith
Designer/Animator: Tierra Farmer
Sound Editor: Tierra Farmer 
Music: Winter Reflections by Kevin MacLeod
Series: Victoria • Season 1/Poldark • Season 1
Intended Client: PBS
Lower Third
Promo Mockups 
Style Frames
Research & Creative Process
At the time of developing this rebrand, PBS was the fifth most watched amongst broadcast and cable, with a diverse audience from different backgrounds, levels of education, race, and profession. PBS had a goal to attract new individuals, particularly those ranging from ages 40-60. The belief was that this age group had reached new financial independence during this stage in life. They would increase viewership and increase financial support through donations to PBS.

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